Red Hat Linux 6.2

The Official Red Hat Linux Alpha/SPARC Installation Guide

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Table of Contents
1. New Features of Red Hat Linux 6.2
Installation-Related Enhancements
2. Getting Ready for the Installation
Do You Have the Right Red Hat Linux Components?
No Boxed Set? No Problem!
Is Your Hardware Compatible with Red Hat Linux 6.2?
Have You Checked for Errata?
Which Installation Type is Best For You?
The Workstation-Class Installation
The Server-Class Installation
The Custom-Class Installation
Upgrading Your System
3. Alpha: Pre-Installation Information
Installation Overview
Disk Space Required for Alpha Installations
Support for Specific Hardware
Testing Non-Listed Hardware
Support Terminology
Alpha Systems
Choosing Disk Images
Creating a Boot Disk
Creating a MILO Disk
Creating a RAM Disk Diskette
Disk Partitioning
Partitioning for SRM
Partitioning for MILO
SRM Installations
SRM Devices
SRM Variables
SRM Disk Images
Booting the Installation Program from a Floppy
Booting the Installation Program from a CD-ROM
SRM Installation Process
MILO Installations
Setting up ARC for Installation
Setting up AlphaBIOS for Installation
The MILO User Interface
Booting with MILO
4. SPARC: Pre-Installation Information
Supported Hardware
Installation Overview
Console Commands
RAM Disk-Based Installation Criteria
Choosing a Boot Method
Booting from Disk
Booting From CD-ROM
Booting From the Network
Choosing an Installation Method
CD-ROM Installation
Hard Drive Installation
NFS Installation
FTP Installation
HTTP Installation
Installation Using a Serial Terminal
5. Starting the Installation
The Installation Program User Interface
A Note about Virtual Consoles
Starting the Installation Program
Booting the Installation Program
Selecting an Installation Method
Beginning the Installation
Installing from CD-ROM
Language Selection
Keyboard Configuration
Mouse Configuration
Welcome to Red Hat Linux
Install Options
6. Installing Red Hat Linux 6.2
Continuing the Installation
Partitioning with fdisk
Automatic Partitioning
Partitioning Your System
Partition Fields
Problems When Adding a Partition
Drive Summary
Disk Druid's Buttons
Adding Partitions
Editing Partitions
Deleting a Partition
Choose Partitions to Format
SPARC: Installing SILO
Alternatives to SILO
SMP Motherboards and SILO
Network Configuration
Time Zone Configuration
Account Configuration
Setting the Root Password
Setting Up User Accounts
Authentication Configuration
Package Group Selection
Selecting Individual Packages
Unresolved Dependencies
GUI X Configuration Tool
Configuring Your Monitor
Video Hardware Configuration
Preparing to Install
Installing Packages
Alpha and MILO: Installing MILO to the Hard Drive
SPARC: Boot Disk Creation
Alpha and SRM: Note the Kernel Filename and Partition Number
Installation Complete
7. Upgrading Your Current System
What it Means to Upgrade
Upgrading Your System
Customizing Your Upgrade
Selecting Packages to Upgrade
Unresolved Dependencies
Upgrading Packages
Upgrade Complete
8. Booting Your Machine and Post-Installation Setup
Alpha and SRM: Post-Installation Boot Setup
SRM Console Variables
Alpha: Post-Installation MILO Setup
SPARC: Booting Your Machine
Where To Go From Here?
A. Writing Image Files to Floppy Disks Using rawrite or dd
Using the dd Command
Using the rawrite Utility
B. Getting Technical Support
Remember to Sign Up
An Overview of Red Hat Support
Scope of Red Hat Support
The Red Hat Support System
How to Get Technical Support
Signing up for Technical Support
Questions for Technical Support
How to Send Support Questions
Problems When Contacting Support
C. How to Provide Feedback on This Document