Red Hat Linux 7.1

The Official Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide

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Table of Contents
Introductory Terms
A Note About Environments
Where to Find More Information
We Need Feedback!
Sign Up for Support
I. The Basics
1. Getting Started
Logging In
Creating a user account
Logging Out of Root
2. The GNOME Desktop Environment
Using Your Mouse
The Desktop
The Panel
Main Menu Button
Finding Help
Multiple Desktops
Switching Environments
Quitting from GNOME
Adding a Log Out Button
Shutting Down from the Run Program Menu
Shutting Down at the Shell Prompt
3. The KDE Desktop Environment
An Overview of KDE
Using Your Mouse
Drag and Drop
The Desktop
The Panel
The Main Menu K Icon
The Taskbar
Finding Help
Switching Environments
Quitting from KDE
Shutting Down at the Shell Prompt
4. Customizing Your Desktop in GNOME and KDE
Customizing with the GNOME Control Center
Customizing with the KDE Control Center
5. Printer Configuration
Adding a Local Printer
Printing a Test Page
Creating Printer Aliases
Modifying Existing Printers
Additional Resources
6. Getting Online
Using RP3 to Connect
Connecting with Kppp
7. The Web, Email, and News in GNOME and KDE
Using Navigator in GNOME and KDE
Email and News Settings for Messenger
Reading and Composing Mail in Messenger
Using Messenger to Read News
8. Audio, Video, and General Amusement
Configuring a Sound Card
Speakers, Headphones, and Sound Etiquette
Playing CDs
Configuring a Video Card
9. A Short Introduction to the GIMP
GIMP Basics
Using the GIMP to Create Images for the Web
Additional Resources
II. Intermediate Tasks
10. Shell Prompt Basics
Why Use a Shell Prompt?
The History of the Shell
Bash Environment Variables
Creating a Boot Disk
Use Man Pages for Information
Determining Your Current Directory with pwd
Changing Directories with cd
View Directory Contents with ls
Locating Files and Directories
Clear and Reset the Window
View, Redirect, and Append Files with cat
More Basic Commands for Reading Text Files
Command History and Tab Completion
Stringing Commands Together
Ownership and Permissions
Changing Permissions With Numbers
11. Managing Files and Directories
The GNOME File Manager
The KDE File Manager
Creating Files and Directories in KDE
A Larger Picture of the Filesystem
Identifying and Working with File Types
File Compression and Archiving — Gzip, Zip, and Tar
Viewing PDFs
Copying, Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files
12. Updating With Red Hat Network and Red Hat Errata
Red Hat Network and Red Hat Errata
What is Red Hat Network?
Red Hat Network Registration Client
Red Hat Update Agent
Red Hat Network Web Interface
Downloading Updated Packages
Installing Downloaded Packages
Updating With Errata
Downloading and Installing Errata
III. Q & A
13. Frequently Asked Questions
Using a Diskette
Putting Linux Files on a Windows Disk
Switching Environments
Shutting Down
Error Messages During Installation of RPMs
Starting Applications
Accessing a Windows Partition
Finding Commands Quickly
Keep ls Output from Scrolling
Tips on Using Command History
Forgotten Password
Using All Available RAM
Removing Red Hat Linux
Changing Login from Console to X at Startup
Configuring X
IV. Appendixes
A. Glossary
B. A Comparison of Common DOS and Linux Commands
DOS and Linux Commands