Red Hat Linux 8.0

The Official Red Hat Linux System Administration Primer

Table of Contents
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I. Background Information
1. The Philosophy of System Administration
Automate Everything
Document Everything
Communicate as Much as Possible
Know Your Resources
Know Your Users
Know Your Business
Security Cannot be an Afterthought
Plan Ahead
Expect the Unexpected
In Conclusion…
II. Resource Management
2. Resource Monitoring
Basic Concepts
System Performance Monitoring
Monitoring System Capacity
Resource Monitoring Tools
3. Bandwidth and Processing Power
Processing Power
4. Physical and Virtual Memory
Storage Access Patterns
The Storage Spectrum
Basic Virtual Memory Concepts
Virtual Memory: the Details
Virtual Memory Performance Implications
5. Managing Storage
Device Naming Conventions
File System Basics
Adding/Removing Storage
RAID-Based Storage
Monitoring Disk Space
Implementing Disk Quotas
A Word About Backups…
III. Getting It Done
6. Managing Accounts and Groups
User Accounts, Groups, and Permissions
Files Controlling User Accounts and Groups
User Account and Group Applications
The Process of Creating User Accounts
Managing User Resources
7. Printers and Printing
Types of Printers
Impact Printers
Inkjet Printers
Laser Printers
Other Printer Types
Printer Languages and Technologies
Networked Versus Local Printers
Printer Configuration and Setup
Printer Sharing and Access Control
Additional Resources
IV. Thinking About the Unthinkable
8. Planning for Disaster
Types of Disasters
Disaster Recovery