Red Hat Linux 7.0

The Official Red Hat Linux Alpha Installation Guide

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
How to Use This Manual
Document Conventions
We Need Feedback!
Installation-Related New Features
System-Related New Features
Do You Have Everything You Need?
Register Your Red Hat Linux Boxed Set
No Boxed Set? No Problem!
2. Before You Begin the Installation Process
Installation Overview
Disk Space Requirements
Is Your Hardware Supported?
Checking for Errata
The SRM Firmware Console
SRM Device Names
SRM Boot Parameters
Displaying System Information Using SRM
Booting the Installation Program
3. GUI Installation of Red Hat Linux
The Installation Program User Interface
A Note about Virtual Consoles
Selecting an Installation Method
Language Selection
Keyboard Configuration
Mouse Configuration
Welcome to Red Hat Linux
Choose an Installation Class
Automatic Partitioning
Manual Partitioning
General Partitioning Guidelines
Partitioning with Disk Druid
Partitioning with fdisk
Formatting Partitions
Network Configuration
Time Zone Configuration
Account Configuration
Setting the Root Password
Setting Up User Accounts
Authentication Configuration
Package Group Selection
Selecting Individual Packages
Unresolved Dependencies
GUI X Configuration Tool
Configuring Your Monitor
Video Hardware Configuration
Preparing to Install Packages
Installing Packages
Note the Kernel Filename and Partition Number
Installation Complete
Booting Your Machine and Post-Installation Setup
Recommended Boot Method
Alternate Boot Method
Booting Red Hat Linux Automatically
4. Upgrading Your Current System
What it Means to Upgrade
Upgrading Your System
Customizing Your Upgrade
Selecting Packages to Upgrade
Unresolved Dependencies
Upgrading Packages
Upgrade Complete
MILO Installation Overview
MILO and Alpha Hardware
Choosing Disk Images
Disk Partitioning
Installations Using MILO
Setting up ARC for Installation
Setting up AlphaBIOS for Installation
The MILO User Interface
Booting with MILO
Post-Installation MILO Setup
B. Other Sources of Information About Alphas
C. Writing Image Files to Diskettes
Using the dd Command
Using the rawrite Utility